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A puzzle-action-platformer where players must escape a mysterious deadly tomb.

While touring an ancient pyramid, our hero falls through the floor! After landing in a pile of sand he catches his breath and gets over the shock of what had just happened. He remembers he has a headlamp on his explorer’s hat, which by some miracle is still on his head. He turns it on. Looking around, he can barely make out that he is in a small chamber. At his back is the pile of sand he landed in. In front of him is what looks like a door made of stone. On the floor, a few feet from where he stands is what looks like some sort of switch.

He rises, walks to the switch, and steps on it. He hears a distinct metallic click, followed by what sounds like a series a flints being struck. The little chamber he is in suddenly becomes illuminated by torches placed high up on the walls. The door in front of him starts to open.

“What have we here?”, he wonders.

His curiosity gets the better of him. He rises and walks through the door. He finds himself in another chamber, significantly bigger than the previous room. This room is also lit by wall-mounted torches, but is substantially more built out with what looks like ancient stone walls and floors. No sooner does he take two steps into the room does the entry door slam shut behind him. Wheeling around, he searches for a way to open the door but finds none. He realizes he is trapped.

Our hero is trapped in a massive tomb complex with nothing but his headlamp and his wits. He realizes that at best he only has a few hours of air before he dies and the only way out is to press forward, hoping that there is a way out other than the way by which he entered!

To escape, he will have to solve puzzles involving a variety of different types of switches, making use of found objects and more. But that’s not all, he’ll also have to be weary of deadly traps including spikes, flames, trapdoors, bottomless pits, swinging balls, and more!

Guide our hero through the many rooms and levels as quickly as possible and try to discover hidden secrets along the way.

The game can be played with keyboard or gamepad, though we strongly recommend using a gamepad. See Release Notes included with the game for full description of controls, supported game controllers, game features and how to play.

Tomb of Trials is easy to play, but very difficult to complete.

This game is influenced by games such as Aztec Challenge, Montezuma’s Revenge, Gordian Tomb, Ico, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and many more! If you liked any of those games, you're going to love this one!

If you download the game, please leave a rating and a comment letting us know what you liked, what you didn’t (be polite!), or any bugs found.


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Overall, my experience with Tomb of Trials was a mixed one.

So my overall perception of this game is that it's a nice concept but overall too unpolished to be a really good experience. It's unafraid to push story elements aside for gameplay, which is fine, but unfortunately, I wasn't even able to play past level 4.

The beginning levels of the game make for a rather fun experience. Basic but still enjoyable puzzles that anyone can pick up on and figure out. I will say that spike levels can have more difficulty and use some darkness, as the flashlight in the beginning stages is pretty much useless.

The only unintuitive puzzle in the beginning to me was the falling ball on the plank room. The plank also had wonky physics which was one of many annoying little gimmicks of the game. I can go on: The dropping animation takes too long, ball obstacles killing you at the slightest touch (though these levels were generally fun still), etc.

Easily one of the most frustrating rooms was the one with the floating platforms that you needed to place one item at a time on. Things just kept falling into the pit.

The final straw for me was the Y shaped room with the trash chute. So the idea is basically to throw the trash items and ONLY the trash items into the chute, and the ramp will extend? From my experience for some reason throwing non trash items into the chute will stop the ramp from extending and essentially break it, which doesn't seem right. By then I was too frustrated with the game and just stopped there.

Overall the game felt more like a playtest than a game, and just became more of a chore by the end of level 4.

Tomb of Trials is a puzzle game that doesn't mess around.

 You will die a couple times guaranteed, whether you like it or not. The puzzles can be very.... puzzling at times for better and for worse, but overall I really enjoyed the puzzles (except the invisible maze and level 7's staircase room where you need to fall precisely from one moving platform to another, though perhaps some changes either visual or gameplay related could solve my issues with these rooms).

The story isn't the focus of the game, but maybe the writing could have been better. Still, I got a chuckle out of the dialogue at times.

If the game will receive more levels/changes later on, I would recommend having some puzzles involving the flashlight (since for now it is only really used for cosmetic purposes, though it can be useful in certain areas), more physics puzzles, make the spikes visible (though I understand that this would make some rooms way too easy), and polish up the picking up and dropping objects mechanic since it can be hard to line up certain objects such as planks. I would also like a level editor, but that's just a personal want.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Tomb of Trials.

Tomb of Trials is an excellent game for anyone seeking a at times challenging puzzle game reminiscent of puzzles and rooms seen in action packed archaeological films like Indiana Jones. The immediate and continuous gameplay pulls you in, and the fun puzzles aren't paused by unnecessary story. The replay value remains high as well with secrets hidden throughout and tough achievements for the 100% players. Great game.